575 West Pike (Limited Edition)


Product Description

Little remains of Yenko Chevrolet except the “super cars” Don Yenko produced. Yenko’s high performance cars are some of the most collected cars on the planet. The image everyone conjures up when they hear Yenko Chevrolet is the one photograph with Don Yenko standing in front of the dealership founded by his father. The muscle car action may have ceased, but the building still stands and the fervor for Yenko is as powerful as the cars he built.
Artist David Snyder made another pilgrimage to Canonsburg to do urban archeology; sketching and studying the Yenko site. Today it is a mower/motorcycle shop, but enough remains for Snyder to envision what it must have looked like in its hayday. That visit, combined with SnyderĂ•s conversations and recollections with many former employees helped bring to< life the new painting “575 West Pike” with historical accuracy.
“575 West Pike” is the latest in the series of Supercar dealerships from the brush of David Snyder. The painting has been reproduced as a limited edition of only 950 prints plus 95 artist proofs. Each print is hand signed and numbered by the artist. Each image measures 18″ X 26″ and is printed on high quality acid free stock measuring 22″ x 28″.


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